I’m a philosophy student, musician, and avid music consumer.

I left undergrad with a BA.H in Philosophy after writing a thesis on the nature of consciousness in musical listening and performance. I’m currently a PhD-track graduate student writing on musical aesthetics (philosophy of art) and phil-mind (philosophy of consciousness and memory).

I’ve been playing classical violin for over 15 years, and exploring folk and jazz guitar for the last 6. As a musician, I’ve approached music as a student, listener, writer, performer, and critic over the past decade.

My purpose here is to provide my audience with a philosopher’s perspective on music reviews. Bands have been engaged in “doing philosophy” for as long as musicians have been making statements with their work. It’s time for philosophers to start “doing music,” confronting pop and alternative music on its own turf, using the tools of academia to write intelligent, intelligible music reviews.